Professional Career

I am mainly working with an articulation and elaboration of what I call Normscience, i.e. a science about norms. Norms are then both something existing and an analytical tool. I have published a tentative version of a book about Normscience, which I
now am working with in order to divide into three parts.

One dealing with arguments for and an explanation of why Normscience is needed. A second one is meant for educational purposes and is called The Relation between Norms and (legal) Rules. The third part will consists of issues in relation to Societal and normative changes over time and is inspired of the transition in society from an Industrial to an Information Society or whatever we will call it in the future. I am specifically interested in the changing processes required. This, by the way, goes beyond what is taken up in the so called post-modern discourse.

Furthermore, I am involved in research projects about implementation of law in China together with a lot of experts on China in different respects, all working with the legal aspects of their respective field of interest. This project is sponsored by the Swedish donor agency, Sida. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency is financing a research programme about Achieving Greater Environmental Efficiency, the so called AGREE-programme. I am within that programme responsible, together with Minna Gillberg, for a project Normcreation within companies. It is my ambition that this project will be followed up by research on Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR in a project we apply for together with the Wallenberg Institute at the Law faculty, Lund university. Beside this, my research interest is focused on Working Environment issues, Human rights and Sustainable Development. It should also be mentioned that I supervise a lot of doctorates, on issues ranging from e-business to women’s issues.